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Industry News Tattoos & Body Piercings: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:51 pm

Where Should You Get a Body Piercing?

Learn about the different types of body piercing, healing times and pain level. See how to select a…

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:51 pm

All About Snake Bite Piercings

Snake bite piercings are one of several different lip piercing styles. Learn about snake bites and how to…

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:51 pm

10 Questions on Nipple Piercings You’ve...

When it comes to body piercings, nipple piercings seem to create the largest amount of questions, especially for…

Whats Hot Tattoos & Body Piercings: What's Hot Now

These articles that had the largest increase in popularity over the last week

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:08 pm

Lip Labret Piercing FAQ

Learn the facts about lip and labret body piercings, including stretching, jewelry and pain advice.

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:08 pm

Tongue Piercing Facts

Learn a few interesting facts about a tongue piercing, made popular by APP President and Body Modification expert, Elayne Angel.

Published: 23 Jan 2017 | 1:08 pm

Where Should You Place Your First Tattoo?

There are a few best spots for a first tattoo that can help you appreciate your art at its finest. While designs play an important factor in tattoo placement, nothing…