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Industry News Tattoos/Body Piercings: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 4:36 pm

Guide to Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings are very popular, but can cause a lot of problems if you're not well-informed before you…

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 4:36 pm

What is a Triangle Piercing?

Your guide to the female genital piercing called the Triangle. Find out what it is, what kind of…

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 4:36 pm

6 Super-Important Steps to Caring for Your New...

Proper aftercare of a new tattoo is crucial. Here are detailed instructions for cleaning your tattoo and keeping…

Whats Hot Tattoos/Body Piercings: What's Hot Now

These articles that had the largest increase in popularity over the last week

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 2:36 pm

How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?

A tattoo has plenty of personal significance. How do you plan a meaningful tattoo? Follow these tattoo design ideas and tips.

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 2:36 pm

Elephant Tattoos

Elephants never forget, and their old age gifts them with much admirable wisdom. Humans can learn valuable skills about life, survival, solitude and love when studying how this ancient mammal…

Published: 21 Dec 2014 | 2:36 pm

Piercing Healing - Working Out with a New...

Piercing Healing. Can working out with a new piercing cause healing problems? Sweat can, however, irritate a piercing and introduce germs and bacteria into the wound. It's important that you