Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals

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Dedicated to Health, safety and hygiene in Tattoo and Piercing Studios!

We wish to introduce the Council established for the Tattoo and Piercing industry. We have been appointed to assist the industry in setting and maintaining standards acceptable to the industry and its clients. We aim together with you to improve the health standards and image of all Tattoo and Piercing studios in South Africa. The Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals (CPTP) is a national association and will as such support all provinces. The main principles of the CPTP as an industry benchmark is to assist Members in the streamlining of procedures in technical tattooing and the preservation and adherence to relative Health Department skin penetration guidelines in South Africa. All studios should strive to uphold a moral obligation to all regular and prospective clients.

Please bear in mind that the CPTP was established to assist studios to set and maintain high standards and in turn help you build your business. We are a council set up to certify health standards and waste removal regulations, but can not accredit standards of tattoo art within studios. read more go to 'about us'.



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